What’s the Best Amount to Deposit in Online Casinos? 5 Things To Consider

When you hear about double deposit bonuses, your first impulse is normally to deposit as much as possible. After all, you want to enjoy the offer to the fullest. And overall, the more you send to your casino’s account, the more opportunities you seem to have, right? Well, yes and no. It’s all a little bit more complicated.

Deposit and Casino Limits

First of all, you can’t deposit ANY sum you want. A casino commonly has some limits regarding it. Typically, there’s a minimum and maximum amount you can deposit at one time. This amount can be slightly different for different deposit methods.

So before all else, you check the casino’s banking page or FAQs. If you don’t find the info there, check T&C. You don’t want to read them all, of course, so use CTRL+F to find something like “maximum deposit,” “min deposit,” or “deposit limit.”

Deposit and Welcome Bonus

Now, the interesting part. Let’s take Unibet Norge, for example. As a welcome reward, they double your deposit up to $600. That’s not the most generous bonus of all but still a substantial one. So, on the face of it, it seems to make sense to deposit exactly $600. Because then, you’ll get the maximum possible. But the thing is that there are wagering requirements, too.

That is, depositing $600 will give you an additional $600. But if this bonus comes with a 30x wagering requirement, you’ll need to wager $18,000. Until you do so, you won’t be able to withdraw anything. Now, let’s imagine that you deposit not $600 but $100. There is just $200 on your account then. But the sum to wager is likewise lower — $6,000. Sounds more feasible now, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t mean smaller deposits are 100% more profitable from this perspective. But it certainly means there is food for thought here.

Deposit and Regular Bonuses

Regular promotions are a different story. It may be unobvious but reload bonuses or day-specific free spins influence how much you should deposit in the opposite way. The reason for this is that these bonuses have terms that scale with the amount deposited.

For example, a promotion that offers free spins based on the deposit amount could give

  • 10 free spins for $20,
  • 25 spins for $50,
  • 50 spins for $100.

So here, it, indeed, makes sense to deposit bigger sums. Just remember that such bonuses usually have limitations in terms of the games where they can be used. That is, if you are a fan of jet x games, check first if the bonus works for them. Otherwise, depositing more makes no sense.

Deposit and Withdrawal Considerations

Now, let’s put aside the theme of bonuses. Even if you aren’t planning to use any of those, the thing is that most casinos have a policy that requires players to wager their deposited amount at least once before a withdrawal. This is related to anti-money laundering regulations but for you, it means that a larger deposit sum implies more time playing before a payout.

Perhaps, if you are after a quick session, it makes sense to deposit a smaller sum. The same is relevant to when you plan to withdraw the money anywhere in the nearest perspective.

Deposit and Risks

And finally, this point has nothing to do with calculations but it’s worth thinking about. The factor of trust should also play a role when you are planning how much to deposit.

It’s thus wise to start with a smaller amount, especially if it’s your first acquaintance with the casino. And continue to do so until you feel confident. Further on, as you build trust with the platform, you can consider increasing the amounts.


As you see, there’s quite a lot to take into account when you decide on the size of your deposit. Of course, the primary factor is how much you can afford to spend. But even beyond that, there’s quite a lot of food for thought.

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