Want to Discover Your Signature Ring Style? Rare Carat Can Point the Way!

At the time of choosing a signature style VS1 Diamond ring for your favorite event, we all prefer to choose a unique style. However, there are a lot of styles and cut shapes available in the market, and it is hard to choose the one that becomes your signature style. So, how do you discover the best one? How can you add a little custom effect? Well! You must first find the right diamond company to get your own perfect ring style. For exploring an amazing collection, you must check out Rare Carat, which has the best collection of VS 1 Diamonds. Hurry up, learn about VS1, and customize your own signature ring style for your special events.

Also when you choose an engagement diamond ring you need to focus on many factors that help you to get your perfect ring. The reason is that it is a lifetime investment for you and like other asserts it should make you feel special and confident every time you wear it. Thus, while picking a diamond ring you need to focus on several things that we will discuss further. Read our buying guide for having your own dreamy diamond ring!

First, Determine the Size of the Ring:

At the moment when you check up the latest collection of VSI diamond rings at Rare Carat you need to determine your ring size. For checking it you can use free ring sizer found on the web as well. All you need to do is to download the ring sizer in your system or smartphone and measure your ring size correctly before buying diamond ring. 

While measuring the ring size through a ring sizer, you need to know how to do it perfectly. You can:

  • Get help from your family member or friend who knows how to use it
  • Ask for the expert’s help at Rare Carat to measure your ring size perfectly. 

These suggestions will help you find the right size and make a perfect purchase for your lovely occasion.

Pick a unique Ring Setting Style:

Your hand rings reflect your personality to people around you. So, when choosing a diamond ring for your engagement or any event, you need to start searching for the ring setting. It will determine how the diamond is mounted and bring a unique personality to your ring as well. At Rare Carat, you may find variations in setting options. From alternative to traditional, you can choose the one that you like and suits your hands. You may find an endless variety, including Bezel, Channel, Solitaire, Pave, Three-stone and many more. 

Choose Perfect Precious Metal:

Diamond settings can be made in a range of metal types and colors. But ring metal means a lot. Not only for its lifetime guarantee, but it also adds the personality of the design setting you choose. Diamond colors should also suit the metal type well. You can choose a variety of metal options based on your budget and preferences, include:

  • 18k Gold
  • 14k Gold
  • 22K gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver

All of these options are based on different budgets and gem color. Choosing the right metal can upgrade the look and feel of your diamond ring. That is why experts suggest you choose wisely according to your requirements.

Choosing the Right Cut of Diamond:

You can find a range of diamond shape options in the online diamond market. These include shapes like heart-shaped, round, oval, radiant and many more. However, when it comes to its cut it is directly linked with the diamond shape. Cuts add a brilliance and sparkle in your diamond rings. Diamond cuts ability reflect the natural light source. So choose the cut shape of your diamond shape according to your requirement. 


We have clearly discussed the main factors that help you discover your unique style of a diamond ring. However, while buying diamond rings online, you must connect with the trustworthy and best sellers like Rare Carat. They have a range of collections for all kinds of events. They also provide you the facility to customize your own dreamy diamond ring and bring a signature look to it. So hurry up, check out their latest collection, and choose the one that suits your personality. Also, check out the formation of custom diamond rings for Rare Carat at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-m44FFBDiI.

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