A major scandal in the match between Liverpool and Manchester City – Merseysiders were not awarded a penalty kick.

The match between Liverpool and Manchester City turned out to be a spectacular match worthy of the Champions League final. The team was not afraid of open football with a high defensive line that they usually avoid in decisive matches. The match was full of exciting and controversial moments until the end, when Liverpool could have been awarded a second penalty after Doku struck McAllister.

Klopp beat Guardiola.

Tactically, Klopp made a variety of changes and tricky moves, while the more passive Guardiola was lucky with Stones’ set-piece goal. Liverpool controlled the opening but did not create any dangerous chances. Only McAllister’s penalty after the break was the hosts’ second shot on target. At the same time, the site https://1win-korean.kr/ has made villagers a favorite in this game.

The penalty kick was rightfully awarded. Ake was unable to successfully roll the ball and Ederson went wide of the goal, resulting in a collision with Nunez. Klopp used a similar trick to Guardiola. This meant moving players to non-key positions and using a makeshift formation of three defenders. Thanks to this, Liverpool dominated the game for a period of time.

Guardiola was wary of United’s harshness and was delighted with Stones’ goal, which helped City avoid tragedy. Diaz and Nunez missed good scoring chances, but Guardiola eventually brought the game to life as a substitute. Foden then could have scored but hit the crossbar.

Second half – formality

In the second half, both teams lost their starting goalkeepers due to substitutions. The absence of Alisson and Ederson fueled the excitement of the high defensive line. For Liverpool, Salah’s late sending off was a hindrance, but the Egyptian was awarded a penalty in one of the episodes.

Guardiola treated Liverpool with respect, understanding the risk of defeat. City have more key players than Klopp’s side, so they didn’t take the risk of being open. But Liverpool tested Ortega with a long-range shot.

Both teams were satisfied with the draw in the end and decided not to take any unnecessary risks. For City, this result is desirable considering they are leading the title race. Systemically, ‘Citizens’ are so strong that they cannot lose to ‘Arsenal’ or ‘Liverpool’ even without spectacular games. Arteta and Klopp have a great team, but the Gunners have suffered from the odd mistake, while the Reds have suffered from injuries and the absence of their top forward.

After the draw, Manchester City led the simulation with a 46% chance of winning, followed by Liverpool with 35% and Arsenal with 19%. However, a difficult race with many turns awaits ahead. Liverpool and Arsenal are not morally inferior, and the important thing is that Guardiola can no longer threaten the opposition. The focus ultimately remains on the referee’s controversial decision not to award a second penalty kick.

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