5 Italian Restaurants To Explore In Singapore

It is no secret that Italian cuisine is one of the most delectable cuisines across the globe. It has become a popular cuisine, and Italians love to share their food with the world, including in Asian countries like Singapore.  

Since the mid-1800s, Singapore has become home to a growing Italian population, but their culinary presence has become more evident in the last two decades through their contribution to the restaurant scene, among other sectors.  

However, with hundreds of Italian restaurants to choose from, it becomes difficult to know which one is authentic. From freshly made Neapolitan pizza to decadent gelato, Singapore chefs have been greatly inspired by the authentic Italian goodness. Whether you love a fine dining experience or a simple, authentic Italian vibe, we have got you covered. In this blog, we have compiled the best Singapore Italian restaurant you cannot miss. 

Best Italian Restaurants in Singapore That Make You Go Mamma Mia 

Here are the top Italian restaurants in Singapore to take you on the culinary journey of a lifetime: 


Boasting authentic and seasonal Italian fare in Conrad Singapore Orchard, Basilico is home to the marvelous Cheese Room and over fifty different types of artisanal cheeses, pasta, specialty pizzas, and a carpaccio bar.  

Along with being celebrated as one of the top buffet restaurants in Singapore, Basilico is an obvious pick for Italian cuisine lovers. The espresso bar, poolside fresco dining area, and exquisite walk-in wine cellar enhance the entire dining experience.  

Basilico combines seasonal, fresh, and authentic ingredients to create nostalgic dishes that take you back to the Italian motherland. Luca Baccelli, the head chef, born and raised in Northern Italy truly adds to the whole experience by bringing forth her authentic Italian hands that create quality food. Customers will surely leave the place with a gratifying experience.  

Garibaldi Restaurant 

Garibaldi is a multi-award-winning, Michelin-starred restaurant dedicated to providing a spectacular fine dining experience. Located along the hip Purvis Street, the restaurant has an atmosphere that is sophisticated and cool.  

Guests of all ages can celebrate their events at this restaurant while indulging in an authentic Italian feast coming straight from the kitchen. You can choose from the Micheline menu and try high-end ingredients like fresh oysters, clams, truffles, and many more. The restaurant also offers weekly set lunches, weekend brunch, a la carte, and chef’s lunch menus.  

Etna Italian Restaurant  

Etna started as a humble cafe in 2006. Since then, it has evolved into two Italian venues loved by tourists and locals. Named after the famous volcano in Italy, the restaurant truly stands by its acronym, Every Table Needs Attention, and has a dedicated workforce.  

You can enjoy the sophisticated environment while enjoying delicious Italian dishes. Celebrate the taste of popular Italian classics like pastas, pizzas, bolognese, and many more. Try their fancy range of exquisite wines to wash down the creamy dishes.   


Braci, a beautiful Michelin restaurant is located at a beautiful location surrounding the river in Boat Quay.  On the second floor of the heritage shophouse, prepare for an intimate and modern interior paired with a delectable culinary experience.  

Braci translates to embers, and the restaurant lives up to its name by producing smoking dishes. If you plan to visit Braci, do not forget to try a cocktail at the rooftop dining bar.  

Publico Ristorante  

Public Ristorante is best for the high-end customer who loves the vibe of interior decorations that belong to the front page of a design magazine. 

It is almost impossible to get past the gorgeous setting and the addition of a beautiful green riverside terrace. However, the restaurant’s name still belongs on this list, even without its aesthetic appeal.  

Public Ristorante takes a contemporary and fun approach to the Italian restaurant game while keeping its menu rustic, delicious, and homely. You can come with your friends and enjoy an authentic handcrafted pizza.  

Dive Into the La Dolce Vita! 

It is tough to narrow down the best Italian restaurants in Singapore when Lion City is brimming with some of the best pasta and pizza places. 

Like most cuisines, Italian dishes vary across countries, but when picking the right Italian restaurant in Singapore, you can be sure of tasting true Italian delight.  

Hence, pick up your shining cutlery and prepare for a la dolce vita (sweet life; good life) at one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore. Bon appetit! 

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